Maidaan Movie Review : Bollywood is another sports drama..


Maidaan Movie Review : Bollywood is another sports drama..

Maidaan Movie Review in Telugu

Earlier in Bollywood, there were sports biopics like ‘Dangal’, ‘Gold’, ‘Baag Milka Bagg’, ’83’, ‘Kaun Hai Tambe’ and ‘MM Dhoni’. Well played. This is the latest Bollywood biopic sports drama ‘Maidan’.. Produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by Amit Rabindranath Sharma, ‘Maidan’ released on April 10.

In the 1952 Olympics, the Indian football team lost at the hands of an anonymous team. Till then there was a good craze for football in India. We have a history of playing football without shoes and winning medals. What is the reason for this defeat? Coach Syed Abdul Rahim is suspended by the Indian Football Federation.. How did he rebuild the team with new players and prepare the team for the Olympics? This is the plot of ‘Maidan’ movie..

Indian football team is not able to give proper performance now. But at the beginning of independence, the glory of the Indian football team was different. The film unit has been successful in bringing out those things. Ajay Devgan once again made the audience see only Syed Abdul Rahim on screen with his performance..

Football match scenes are very impressive. The rest of the actors are all excellent. The first half is a bit slow as the director takes some time to immerse himself in the story. AR Rahman’s music is the plus point of this movie. Even the climax is well-worked out even though it is expected by all. Those who love sports drama movies will definitely like ‘Maidan’.

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