Love Guru Review : Vijay Antony Family Drama..


Vijay Antony is a Tamil hero who got a good following in Telugu like ‘Bicchagadu’ and ‘Doctor Salim’. ‘Bichchagadu 2’ movie got better collections in Telugu than in Tamil. Vijay Antony’s latest film is ‘Love Guru’. The movie, starring Mrinali as the heroine, was released on April 11.

The hero, who runs a cafe in Malaysia, returns home and falls in love with the heroine. He will marry her. But the heroine does not like the hero. She dreams of becoming a heroine. And how did their lives go? This is the story of the movie ‘Love Guru’.

d,In terms of story, it is close to Shahrukh’s movie ‘Rab De Banade Jodi’. But the sentiment of the sister is an extra in this.. Although the story is ol director Vinayak Vaidyanathan succeeded by making it interesting and entertaining with the story he thought.

Vijay Antony, who has been choosing an experimental story for every movie till now, has come up with a simple movie this time. It does not have the twists and thrilling moments expected in Vijay Antony’s films. As an actor, Vijay Antony and Mrinali are popular. Bharat Dhana Shekhar’s music gives the Tamil people an Arava feeling. All in all, those who want to watch a movie to pass the time will like ‘Love Guru’.

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