G VPrakash’s ‘DeAr’ Movie Review


Good Night Movie
Music director-cum-hero G V  Prakash’s selection of movies is very varied. Present Manodu’s movie ‘DeAr’. The movie, starring Aishwarya Rajesh as the heroine, was released on April 11. Did this ‘Dear’, which created interest in the audience with the trailer itself, please the audience?

A hero who works in the media can’t sleep properly even if he hears a small noise.. Such a hero gets married to a heroine who snores loudly. Hero comes to know about his wife’s snoring habit on Shobnam day. What difficulties did the hero face due to this habit.. In the end, what kind of solution was found for this problem. This is the story of ‘DeAr’ movie…

A movie called ‘Good Night’ came out in Malayalam with the same story. The movie was released in OTT in Telugu and got a good response. If the hero has a habit of snoring in the movie ‘Good Night’, here the heroine does. Apart from this, the emotions of the hero’s family and the heroine’s family seem to be the same.

Those who have not seen the movie ‘Good Night’ will enjoy this movie ‘DeAr’ very much. Even those who have seen some scenes will make people laugh. Director Anand Ravichandran succeeds well in adding humor and then emotions to a sensitive subject. G V Prakash Kumar and Aishwarya Rajesh’s acting is one of the highlights of this movie.. G V Prakash is not only the hero of this movie but also the music director.. The songs and background score given by him are very impressive..

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