Chicken Pickle: indian people have an inseparable attachment to pickles.


Who doesn’t like storage greens? Non-veg lovers prefer Chicken Pickle. Let’s see how to make this preserved chicken greens.

Ingredients Required:
* Chicken Kg
* Groundnut oil 1/2 kg
* Ginger garlic paste 100 grams
* Chilli 100 grams
* Salt 100 grams
* Fenugreek and mustard powder mixed with two tablespoons
* Four lemons
* Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, yams, cloves, cinnamon, pepper one tablespoon, biryani bud one, poppy seeds one tablespoon, all these should be roasted and powdered and kept aside. Method of preparation:
First clean the chicken well, add salt and turmeric and cook until all the water in the chicken is absorbed. Now add oil in a kadai and heat it, add the chicken in it and fry the chicken until it turns golden brown in color. The better the chicken is fried, the more green it retains. Take out the fried chicken and keep it aside and add ginger and garlic paste in the same oil and fry until the raw smell goes away.

After the ginger and garlic paste is fried well, add the powdered masala powder and fry well and add the chicken kept aside. Then add chilli, salt, fenugreek and mustard powder and mix everything together and turn off the stove. Now after the chicken has cooled down completely.. add the juice from the lemons to it. That’s it, chicken greens that can be stored for six months are ready.

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